Terms and Conditions

How to place an order?

To place an order, please visit www.amorkitchen.com/shop .

Amor Kitchen requires all orders to be placed within a minimum of 3 working days prior to shipping or pick-up. For volume orders (more than 100 euros worth), kindly place your orders at least 7 working days prior to expected date of shipping or pick-up. All prices indicated are inclusive of BTW.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation of orders should be made 48 hours prior to shipping or pick-up date. Otherwise, the customer will be charged with the full cost. (Please understand that all ingredients are prepared before the delivery date.) Any changes in the design specific should be made 1 day prior to fulfillment or pick-up.

How long does the products last?

We suggest that or products be consumed on the same day or within 48 hours to enjoy its freshness. To lengthen the freshness, please keep them refrigerated.

*All our products contain gluten, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, coloring, dairy and other baking products, so please be mindful of your intolerances or allergies to these particular food types. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect effects of our products to the consumers.

All products are packed in boxes to maintain its form and freshness. It is expected that they should arrive to you in the same perfect condition as they left us. Once the products are handed over to you, they are yours to take care of.

Shipping out and pick-up

Only the special breads are available for shipping. Otherwise the products may be picked-up at Amor Kitchen on appointment basis. Delivery of goods is not available.


We guarantee that we will not share your information to anyone. In the same way we expect that our products shall not be re-sold for profit unless discussed with us.

For questions, please send us a message.